Thursday, 4 March 2010

Building scenes for Robot.

Building the Pan up scene.

This scene is a shoot of a front of a building. The camera moves from the entrance door to the stairwell up to the Robots room.

At first I wonted the build the set on a A1 peace of paper, but as I was working with the developing of this peace, I started to extend the space to get better quality. I ended up building the set that is bigger than me and that is more than 6.5 feet.

Firs I did a drawing of where the windows and the doors will be. I needed to establish the composition that I would be happy with. I double checked the composition with viewing by the camera. after that I started to put the first coat of paint. I have used Acrylic paint as I have a lot of it and they dry quickly. I needed much more realistic lucking paint If I would use gauche it could end up looking flat. I applied he second coat with a bit darker tone. I used a peace of wood and a big brush. When the paint was still wet I started to hit it with a plastic thin bag...(somerfild brand). Thanks to that I received a nice irregular texture. On the end I added a bit of darker and brighter paints, only in some random places to make it all look a bit more random.

Now I'm on the stage of building the windows. Two of them will be in perspective. That means that realistic they are twice wide as the other windows, but they look the same on the shoot as they are faced to the camera. Al dough some part of the window will be out of focus I still try to make them look nice and detailed. I use plastic for the glass. I did the window sills yesterday, all I need to do now is to make the doors and put it all on the canvas (the whole set is build on a canvas...actually what I used is a blinds that I have found in a bin, and I stretched it on few paces of wood that I have taken from a building site). I wont the door to close at the beginning of the film, but the door are flat. So what I thinking about not using any shading on the door. I will put a see through layer of tape on a glass, when shoot taken, it will look like the tape on the glass is actually the shading on the door. this way i can manipulate with the door, and get a movement of the shade.

And that bring e to the next problem. I wont to have smoke coming out from that door, one way is using green screen, the other is to use glass.

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