Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Making the Animatex for Robot Animation

I planned to make this animatex with the use of paper drawings. Paper caricatures shifted around drown stenography. but it was much easier to make it with the use of real objects, and if I am using objects why should I not use my own hands as hands of the robot. this way I did this strange animation with is still doing what I need it to do. I can see the overall composition of the video. I know where I need to add another sequence of shoots, and where the film does not make any scene.
I feel that my problem with planning and creating the animatex could be lack of experience with film editing. It is difficult for me to plan shoot after shoot what will be happening in the movie. I am not saying that planning is the best way of doing it, but hey... I need to start somewhere.
I hope that I will not make the same mistake that I have made with my previous movie where I did not focused on direction of the movie. I was so absorb with photography of the movie that I the movie it self did not have any sense. With this project on the stage of starting the shooting I would like to have the time to get back to the script writing, just to be double shoot that I know what is the movie about.

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