Sunday, 21 March 2010

Down the hill

Turns out that the two most difficult shots in the animation are the first two that I'm recording. The pan shot up the building and the walking cycle of the robot, when he is entering the studio. Well to be fair it wasn't simple and all jolly to do. But after a whole weekend of building the miniature of the room, playing with the lights and working out how to animate the robot, I have managed to get what I wanted... or maybe can't be bothered to do it again... anyhow I recorded it few times. First time I didn't even manage to open the door, second my girlfriend run into my room knocking of the lights and the camera from its position, but well... still love her. The next attempt did not go well cause of the robot armature. Although I like the way the robot looks, its feet are to small, so he is out of balance... Well I knew that while building the puppet, but I was not thinking that this is going to such a big problem. To deal with this I had a bar installed above the set, so that the robot was hanging on a wire at all time. I could do that as the shot is out of focus, so you could not see the wire. Last attempt is with a distorted light from the Laptop, but luckily the space with blue laptop light is just out of the shot... So boys and girls remember to wear a black top when you are animating, and double check if anything around you is reflecting light.

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