Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Joints made with self locking nuts work very well. In that case I can imagine how well the ball joints could work. The only problem with the screws is that you need to have enough space on the robot to actually use this method. Besides that, there are a few things to remember. First of all, it is import_ant to design the armature so that you could always access the screws. They tend to loosen up now and then. The joints will not work if the wire is too soft as it will bend instead of the joint. The solution is to twist the wire together. The wire that we get in result is surprisingly strong. Easy way of twisting the wire would be with a drill, but a pencil or a screw driver did me fine.
But I think I know what I'll get for my birthday...
I have noticed that for building an armature you need at least two sets of pliers and a vise would be very useful. Most of the time I work with pliers in both hands, and still my fingers are filled with small holes from bending the chicken wire.

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