Monday, 10 May 2010

A.R.T.... first release

Well shake my legs and call me grandpa, I did it!

The first release, Ill give it a month and then Ill re-edit it as there's still quite a few glimps. Im glad that my sound producer committed to keep working on it with me. To set thing straight I think that there are still few things missing sound wise.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Rough Cut.

There is the full Animation, a rough cut.
I am aware that it is terrible, but nevertheless I LOVE IT, I can see the potential in it, and to prove my point to everybody that reads my blog (my girlfriend) I will make this animation count and it will get me my future dream job... driving licence and a long beard.. NICE.

Re - Edit

It is fascinating what a difference editing makes.
When I edit the video for the first time it looks shocking. It did not make any sense what so ever. And I think that I am the only one that know what was going on in the peace.
But after I work on it for a little bit, extend the pauses, live the shot hanging there just for a bit longer makes a great difference.
Last summer I was working on a film set, and one girl told me that EDITING is a second stage of directing, and Ill have to say that there is a lot to it.

The only problem that I have is that my computer is capable to write Word documents and maybe browsing the web, and not much more than that. When it goes for rendering animation all you can do is click and relax in your hair, cause the computer will take its time to operate your one click. Not to mention the time that my computer take to render the whole peace... I just set it to work during the night... did I mentioned that the whole peace is 5 minutes long... Shocking.