Friday, 2 April 2010

Who you know

The other day I went to a presentation of Richard Heynes. Our tutor said that he works for Aardman and all that, so there was a good reason why I should not like him. Anyway I have approached him so maybe he will read this blog, so yea he is a great guy, he is my favourite and I love his chin.
Richard is working in the industry for 7 years now, took part in illustrating the book that I am interested in buying and now he will work in a feature project with Aardman, so essentially he is in the place that I would like to be at.

Richard says:
- its all about how and who you approach.
- in my folio I should include simple exercise like walking cycle and picking up things and not necessary a whole movie, because they will not look at the quality of shots or composition or colours... So that got me thinking that the animator position is not ideal for me, I should be aiming in positions like art director or director. On the other hand I enjoy animating and I believe that I should know all the ups and downs of animating a puppet before I could direct an animation.
- that there is an animation project in Poland... something I should look into later on.
- It does not matter what media you use, the employers look if you can animate

It was a nice presentation. Now I have an idea what a show-real should consist and roughly how the industry works. I also have a confirmation that Manchester is a place to go if you're doing stop frame. I have just decided that I will always live in a city with name I can spell without a bigger problem... and Manchester fits in well enough.

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