Monday, 5 April 2010

Smoking doesn't kill robots

I have decided to use a real smoke for this shot. The way to do this, is to set the exposure for a very short time. I decided to give it a go although I wasn't t sure if it worked.
Opened the window wide, taped the cigarette to the robots face, made a long paper straw and attached it to the cigarette. With this set up I was ready for the robot to smoke. Now only an hour of light adjusting, so that the smoke would be nicely highlighted. Rehearsal of the camera movement and focus changing. And all set, I was being very precious about preparing for this shot, as I have managed to get my hand on a cigarette, and that was only one cigarette.

So the outcome is not great, but I believe that I will manage to cut out a nice bit out of this.

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