Thursday, 15 April 2010

Glass Filters

As I have access to colour glass I have decided to use it as filters in my animation. I was expecting a lot of problems but it turns out quite well, well besides the fact that it takes a long time to set them up. I have read few books on setting lights, light temperatures and thanks to that I could nicely set the lights to, for example, the create a mood of bright morning using bits of distorting colours.

- the glass tends to break because of the lamp temperature.
- the glass is heavy and although I cut it to the required size, it is still a problem to fit them to the desk lamps.
- takes a long time to set up.
- the glass colours. I have picked up some pieces of glass from a stain glass workshop where I work but the colours and textures you see looking through the glass are very different than the effects that you get when the same glass is used as a filters for lamps. I have ended up using just a hand full of colours as most of the glass was not hanging much.
- the filter changes the light strength. A filter is essentially blocking a given colour from the light source, making the light source weaker overall. And that means that for some shoots I needed to pull the light closer, so sometimes the camera movement was restricted only by the way the lights were placed, as they were standing just next to the objects.

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