Friday, 2 April 2010

18 down 40 to go... complaining

The movie consist 68 shots. Approximately 68 shoots, as probably I will have to add a few in at the editing stage.

My problems until now:
- the floor in my room is moving and that is the thing that well annoys me and my flatmates who hear me walking and every time I make a step, but most of all the tripod moves when I'm shooting and that is very bad.
Solution... swearing in foreign language helps, but other than that I just need to check the previous shot when I moved.
- the glass that I am using as filters tend to heat up and break.
Solution... cry very loud.
- reflections. I tend to forget about the screen or any other small source of light. So all for sudden when I do some movement the reflections show that there is some light missing. That is well annoying as very often I haven't got any other way to aces the puppet because my room have obvious space limitations.
Solution... do it again or stick with it. In one shoot I could clearly see myself and I was suspecting that I could have problem with the reflection so I simply go back to the same pose all through making this shoot, and I think I will work out well as the shoot is reasonably short.
- budget limitations. I am making the whole animation with 3 desk lamps. So sometimes when I am making a shot with a soft diffused light I need to set up the camera to 3 second exposition. Essentially that means that sometime I need to hold my breath so that my hand holding the puppet in mid air would not shake. So who said that stop frame animation is not dangerous for you?
- lack of assistant. The other day I was making the shot of a hand lifting up the chisel. So that mean that with one hand I am holding the armature hand mid air, with other hand I am trying to animate the fingers closing on the chisel with by the way was not helping at all. With my feet I was releasing the shot.
Solution... Girlfriend, Friends, Flatmates.

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