Saturday, 8 January 2011

Building The Background

Did you noticed the background? You didn't?... good. That was the whole idea. The whole purpose of the background was the fill up the gaps in the shoots while adding a bit of tonally balanced perspective.

The colours of the animation were chosen on early stages of the project. They were a painters decision (as there is no other point why the sky would be orange). They were compose and balanced in a way which would emphasize the specific mood of the animation. The warm colour of the sky together with cold greens is mixing with rabbit grey costume exactly as planned.

Back to the background. The idea was to create a number of small hills in the distance. To create the effect of distance between two sets I had to pull out the colour from the further sat, because the colours in the distance are always less intense, that's cause of air perspective. I used clothes with desaturated colours, a bit green and white spray on brown clothes, a bit of white on green clothes... and almost done.

Now, what have I used to build the background?
- Old shirts.
- Jacket - that my Mom gave me but I never like it.
- Gradfathers coat.
- Blanket

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