Saturday, 8 January 2011

Animating The Bunny

The "A.R.T." was the first project in which I used the screw based armature. I can't say that the first skeleton was a huge success. I was a rather difficult task to animate Arty (the robot).
Before I started to construct the armature for "Not Growing Up" boy in a rabbit costume I created a document in with I specified all boys movement. Decided on all gestures and smallest reactions, so that while constructing the skeleton I knew exactly what kind of movements I need the puppet to perform. Then I gathered all my notes on pros and cons of Artys armature design. I completely changed the solution for the shoulders and waists.
- Yeah did you, and how did it work?
- I'm glad that I asked...
It turned out to be brilliant. When I took the bunny for a ride it turned out that it's absolutely intuitive, it reacts exactly the way I expected it to react. I started to animate straight away. Took me two days to animate the whole thing. The eyes were great. Not difficult to animate at all, they escaped me one or twice, but I'll fix it in post editing.
I really enjoyed animating the car toy. The rope from the toy had a wire inside of it. It was a pure stop frame exercise to animate it to look like a loose rope... lovely.
In overall I'm pleased with the quality of animation in the clip. Can't wait to my next movie to make the animation even better... I have some ball joints now... that's right babe... I'm going PRO.

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