Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Bunny Rabbit

Well, I'm not sure which day is it today. I decided to loose track when I didn't do anything through the weekend. Anyhow I'm still working and have loads of new stuff I need to publish.

I looked all around Dundee for bolts and nuts and I managed to find nothing. The best and only place as far as I concerned is the internet. I placed my order on The Site Box website. It took them a week to get the stuff to me and a £5 for delivery but still at least now I have all the stuff that I need for making the armature.
This armature is smaller and more complicated than the one I made for the A.R.T project. But thanks to the previous project I know the weak points of an armature of this type. I managed to re-enforce the weak points and stop the bolts unscrewing. The puppet moves and reacts much more precise and fluently than the robot from A.R.T. project. I'm very happy with that, and cant wait to start animating.

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