Monday, 19 July 2010

Not Growing Up Project Starts

Its this time of the year again. Middle of the summer, girlfriend away to London and its raining in Scotland... perfect time to make a animation. I'm starting my next best production. Its called "Not Growing Up" and its a short clip for my friend's music. The story's about a boy who does not know that what he's trying to do is impossible and even more than that its silly and pointless. He is being naive and childish but that is why he succeeds.  He is pure and innocent. The story could be understand on several different levels. It about friendship, sacrifice, nature and if you're weird you could think that the film's about YOU... and vegetarians.

Finishing the script. I have been working on this script for the last few months. I modified it loads of times but could not get it quite right. Sometimes the story did not go well with the sound, sometimes it was expanding into pointless directions, and most of the time I did not like what I was getting. But day 1 was very successful as I finally made up my mind on what the story going to be like. Lets just see if its flawless and I won't have to change in the middle of the animation making process.
It looks like I have discovered my way of script writing. It is much quicker, and the script I end up with is something that I can really rely on. Sounds silly, but it makes sense to me.

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